Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday Picnics.

 I sang special music at church this morning :)  I love coming back to the church I grew up in my whole life.  I see all the familiar faces and know that they support me and have been praying for me during my time away at college.  I sang the song "A Little Longer" by Brian and Jenn Johnson.  I absolutely love this song.  It's so simple and I was really singing it to myself this morning.  I need to let some of my everyday life happenings go to make time just to sit and be with the Lord.  The song is on the play list at the bottom of my blog if you want to listen to it:)  It's a good one.

I went to a picnic at my Aunt and Uncle's house.  Uncle Sheldon is pretty awesome... :)  He has this block of would propped up for throwing hatchets and he taught me how to throw!!!!
This was my third throw. 
Seriously!... I did that!!!!!! :D  This is me being excited about it!!!...

My grandma decided to get in the action as well.
It was so fun!
My cousins are foster parents and are currently taking care of this one 11 year old boy who has had a pretty rough life.  He's gone through more than any person should in their whole life time and he's only lived eleven years.  It really breaks my heart and I just want to love him and encourage him and help him be the best he can be.  He has a lot of behavioral problems, and to tell you the truth, I don't blame him for half of the stuff he does.  He's hurting and has been through so much.  I just really want things to turn around for him.  So, if you could just be praying for him, that would be awesome :)  His name is Lain.

1 comment:

Rachel Joy said...

I love the music on your blog!

And I will def. be praying for the boy, Lain. I certainly do not blame children for behavior problems when the people around them didnt care to raise them in a loving and caring way.
O how I cant wait to be a mommy!!

Rach, I miss you so much! I cant wait to come visit you! Love you!

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