Friday, May 21, 2010

My old Alma Mater.

- So, this turned out to be a little random and I'm sorry for my poor writing skills.
I visited my old high school today! :)  I always feel that I need to look really good(at least I try to look good) when I go back, cause you never know who you'll run into... Well, that was kind of ruined today. Ha! Anna needed me to come pick out our seats for the choir banquet. She text me 10 minutes before I needed to be there and I had just gotten out of the shower. Nice. Lol.  So, I hopped in the car and headed for the school, wet hair and all.
 I got to sit in on the choir practicing for next Monday's concert. I really miss choir! ( This is becoming a very sentimental visit home. Lol.)  I also got to talk to some of my awesome teachers.  I can't believe it's been FOUR YEARS!  Not much has changed there, well, with the building at least.  The kids are a lot more disrespectful than I remember from when I went.  Maybe I was just sheltered and naive, I don't know.  Anna got to show me all of her art work and the awesome resources she has to create them. I'm proud of her. :) I'm so thankful that she invited me to come and spend some time with her. God is good. 
My cousins Melvin and Gloria came to visit this evening.  They are two of my favorite people! Grandma had a rough day today and Gloria stopped all conversation and laid hands on her and started praying.  I want to be more like this.  I'm ashamed that I'm not. My heart always hurts for people and I have such great empathy, but why don't I take the time to stop what I'm doing and pray with them? I need to work on this.
We also reminisced. I really love to hear people talk about my Dad. I like hearing all the good things they have to say, to know that he really was the good godly man I always thought him to be. :) People say they see a lot of him in me, and I really hope that's true. 


Rachel Joy said...

Rach, this post made me cry.
Rach, you are like your Dad, I mean I didn't know him personally. But you are a Godly woman and it shines! The Lord knows your desire to be better and he is going to honor it by giving the inititave to do it!

Becca Banter said...

Every time I go back to my high school I feel this way too! I think our maturing helps us to see how disrespectful high schoolers can be. But when we were there we hardly took time to think about how respectful we were being.
My dads sermon today was about Elijah and the prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 18. One of the things he talked about was Elijah's prayer to god. It was only 41 Hebrew words yet it brought down fire in a fast, violent way. The man just knew how to pray and had such amazing faith. I often think we don't pray because we say we don't have time. Perhaps if we could get it in our heads that it can only take a few sentences to move mountains then maybe we will all be able to stop everything, lay hands on someone, and call fire down.

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