Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunshine and Concerts,

The sun finally decided to come out today! YAY! It was a beautiful day!  I went for a walk this morning to and soaked up as much of it as I could. 

I soaked up some Jesus too!... I currently don't have an mp3 player of any kind, so there was nothing to distract me, and I liked it. :)  I walked to the old school by my grandma's house, there's a little park there with a walking trail.  It's nothing special, but I decided to camp out on one of the benches to read for a little while.
I started reading "Authentic Beauty" last year sometime, and as I do with all books without plots, I quit halfway through.  Of what I read before, it's an amazing book and I'm excited about starting it again, hopefully I can make it all the way through this time.   What I read today is exactly what I needed. I'm in a place again where I need to realize that God is my knight in shining armor. I keep watching for my prince to come rescue me from this "lonely" season I'm in.  HELLO, RACHAEL!... He's been there all along! It's crazy, and kind of pathetic that we need to learn things over and over again, and sometimes it just never REALLY sinks in... I'm excited to go on this journey again:) with my real Prince.

Tonight was Anna's final choir concert! Wow. I know I had an amazing four years in choir when I was in high school, I hope it was the same for her. 
 Worst picture EVER!... but all I have is my phone.  My camera got lost somewhere during packing.  Hopefully I'll find it when I go back to Springfield in the chaotic mess people are calling a storage unit.  I must say I AM NOT excited to go through that....I better not get started on that subject...
I snagged a picture of me and the sis... in the restroom at my high school after the concert.

I must say, it sums up our relationship perfectly. Haha! :)

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