Thursday, May 20, 2010

It was a great day! :)

I'm not sure if it was the mixture of my gum and this drink, but it tasted EXACTLY like that pink medicine I got to take when i was little!  I loved that stuff! I will definitely have to try this again. :)
Today was GREAT! :) First of all, the sun was SHINING! and it was warm and it actually felt like the summers I remember in Ohio. I got to talk to my old roommate while sitting on the porch swing sipping my morning coffee. That was a great start to my day!
I got to take my grandma around to run some errands.  I could have easily gone and done everything by myself, but it was the first time that she's been out to get groceries since her accident back in January.  It kind of tired her out, but we had a good time. :)
Then, I got to talk to one of my new roomies about our apartment, which I think is starting to sound more promising, and I have such a good feeling about the new place we are thinking of renting from.
I went barefoot all evening, spending most of the time outside talking with my aunt and watching the kids play with scooters and that new skateboard thing that you have to wiggle to keep your balance... (there is no chance you will find me on one of those things).  I was surrounded by the aromas of fresh cut grass, and FIRE!... I LOVE THAT SMELL! One of the neighbors was having a bonfire.  
AND! I heard that DIERKS BENTLEY AND GRETCHEN WILSON will be headlining at the CANFIELD FAIR this year!!!! Oh my gosh! WHAT?!???  There is no doubt about it... I must figure out a way to come back for the fair.  I have already been trying to figure it out, I've gone every single day of the fair for 18 years! It's been horrible not going at all these last four. Now, I really have no choice.  This is the best set they've had in a while. The only thing better, would be if Garth Brooks was performing. :) I need to pray that God makes a way for me to get home.


lauren.nicole said...

I loved talking to you today! I really am excited about this apartment we've "decided" on. So, I've been drinking sobe life water for 3 days now....we are one in the same ;)

Jessica said...

Gretchen and Dierks at the Canfield failr?? I hadn't heard about this...I will have to go see them!

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