Saturday, May 15, 2010

Silver Park

I never remembered Silver Park being this Beautiful!

I met my friend, Brittany, here to walk around and catch up since I haven't seen her since my Christmas break, and she will be leaving in a couple weeks to work in Branson, MO  How crazy?  We are in the same places at opposite times!  I come home when she goes to Missouri, and she comes home when I leave.  Bad timing, I'd say.
I was really amazed at how beautiful it was at the park.  I've been here several times before, but I've never noticed the quaintness.  I think I might start walking there in the evenings, or going in the morning to do devotions.  It's a great place to spend time with the Lord! :)

I'm sorry about the picture quality... All I've got right now is my phone. But I am so excited to spend more time here this summer, I don't know why I've never appreciated this before. Walking around the pond tonight, I noticed a couple families spending time together.  One guy ran his dog around the pond while his wife and little boy were sitting on the edge feeding Ducks.  Another Father was helping his son fish, while the mother sat back and watched.  These types of things make my heart ache.  It makes my heart smile, but at the same time, my heart yearns to have what they have.  
I came back home and read a couple blogs, of course, of married women.  This did not help my heart aching problem.  I know that I'm where God wants me to be and that one day I will have the privilege of writing of my future husband here in this same place, it's just difficult at times.  Although it is hard right now, I know that the wait will be worth it.  The Lord has all my dreams in His mighty hands, He knows my every desire and every need.  I need to put all of my trust and faith in this simple truth.
He is a good good Father and He wants good things for me. :)


Jessica said...

I randomly stopped at Silver Park one day when I was alone, just because I hadn't been there in awhile and I wanted to walk around the lake. It was really beautiful, like you said! And I enjoyed the people-watching too.

God is writing your love story, so don't forget that! The right guy is going to come along and sweet you off your feet :-)

Rachel Joy said...

Those pics are beautiful Rach!
I love you very much and I miss you alot!

lauren.nicole said...

I love you beautiful friend! Loved reading this post and seeing the pics. God is working a beautiful perfect love story for you! So, as hard as it may be at times, take joy in this time as a single woman and be so grateful for the time you have now to focus on yourself and your relationship with the Lord. I love you and can't wait to have an apartment with you!! We can practice our wifely duties together ;)

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