Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today was filled with all kinds of small little blessings.

This morning was the family breakfast.  I have a very large family with a lot of cousins and great aunts and such.  I'm not sure how I'm related to some of them, but nevertheless, we are all close and I love it! :)  I'm so blessed to have so many people that care about me and are so supportive.  I love that we all get together once a month just to keep in touch. And they all love the Lord!  I'm related to half of my church :)  I'm ok with that.

After a fun time at breakfast that was filled with laughter, I would expect nothing less when my cousin Keith is present, I did laundry and HUNG MY CLOTHES ON THE LINE! :D  It was a beautiful sunny day and one of my favorite things of all is to have my clothes and sheets dried in the fresh summer breeze! I seriously want to pile all my clothes on my bed and sleep on top of them! They smell so fresh and clean! eeeeeeee! :D 

While I was waiting for a load of clothes to finish, I drove up to the farmer's market in Alliance.  I didn't even know that we had one of these, but I was pumped (SIDE NOTE!--- I was equally pumped when I found out that we had a FOREVER21 in the Canton mall!!! I started squealing and taking pictures, my sister was embarrassed.  It was beautiful, and ginormous!  I will definitely be using some of my next paycheck there.) I was really hoping to get fresh peaches, but it's not really the season for it, so I didn't have much luck there. However, I was secretly hoping the whole time that there would be fresh flowers.  AND THERE WERE! :D  They just brightened my day! And now I see them in the vase sitting on the window sill and it puts a smile on my face.  I get enjoyment out of simple things.

I stopped in my friend's bookstore while I was downtown and they just had some very encouraging words.  They really make me feel appreciated and loved and I'm so thankful for that.  When I start getting down on myself, God always sends someone to remind me of who I am and that He is proud of me.  I mess up just as much as the next person, but God loves me beyond that.  Today I just had a moment of appreciation for who God made me and has allowed me to be.  

My cousin had a graduation party which meant spending more time with more of my awesome family!  My aunt and uncle are really good at spotting sales, so on the way back home we made a random yard sale stop.  I ended up buying a set of bowls that I already have in pink, but these are the original pyrex set of dishes.  Everyone in my family has a set and it's something that I remember from my childhood.  Every time I see a set I check the price because they NEVER go for less than $65 which isn't a terrible amount, but to me it's expensive.  This guy was asking $15!  So I grabbed them and when I went to check out he informed us that everything was discounted because he was closing up.  I got them for $10! I was so excited!

My aunt informed me that her niece, who had just met me at my cousins wedding two weeks ago, thought that I seemed responsible and fun and wants to fly me to her house in Virginia on new years to babysit her kids while her and her husband are away for a few days. Um, WHAT!? Yes please! ... She offered to pay for my plane tickets! I'm not really suppose to tell anyone, but no one really reads this anyway. Lol. So that's exciting and something to think and pray about. Btw... she lives 10 minutes from the beach, it will be cold then, but that's still stinkin SWEET! 

Tonight I went for my evening walk and ran into one of my really good friends from high school. It was so good to see him and catch up for a bit.  I really love my friends! Old and new! God did a wonderful job of placing people in my life.

A lady from my church called me on my walk to finalize plans for our day together.  She's taking me out for the day! :)  I'm so blessed to have a loving supportive church family.

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Rachel Joy said...

Rach thats so awesome about babysitting!!!! I will be praying!
Your post was beautiful. Im feeling a sleepless night tonight due to some occurances today so I thought I would get on here and Im glad I did because your post made me smile.
I love you so much. See you wed!!!! ahhhh

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